Imagination and Creativity!

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Once a week we go to Social Art and work with Erin and Kate to create imaginative projects with our classmates.
Over the past two weeks we have all made our own individual trees using plasticine.
Some look like normal trees and others look like the trees you might see in one of Dr. Seuss’ books, such as ‘The Lorax’!
We then worked together to design imaginative environments for these trees to live in.
We used glitter, feathers, buttons, sequins, colouring pencils and lots more to help us bring our imaginations to life.

It was so interesting to see that every environment looked different. It helped us to understand that not everybody thinks or sees the same thing. Our different approaches to thinking and designing helped us to create exciting and imaginary environments that we might not have been able to make on our own.

Each week our creative projects are a surprise. We wonder what will happen next week!?

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