Exploring Shapes

In our workshops we are now investigating 2D and 3D shapes.
Here is one of our students in the very first workshop.
He is showing us what he knows about 3D shapes and has drawn some impressive examples!


Investigating Numbers!

This year we have been running  focussed workshops in Maths.
Students are organised into groups according to their specific learning needs.
Lucas, Jason and Maxine then run these small workshops to help students achieve their learning goals at a level that is just right for them.


Here are our students hard at work in a Place Value workshop!
We have been working on improving our ability to read, write and say numbers.
In Maxine’s workshops we have been looking at numbers as big as millions and sometimes even billions!

In this photo our students are working in pairs to try and make the biggest number they can.
They practice reading the numbers, sorting the words into the correct order and recording the numbers using numerals.
Tasks like this require our students to use a range of skills, such as their ability to collaborate with their peers, in order for them to develop their Maths understanding.

Imagination and Creativity!

IMG_20140227_104044 IMG_20140227_103308 IMG_20140227_103432 IMG_20140227_103512

Once a week we go to Social Art and work with Erin and Kate to create imaginative projects with our classmates.
Over the past two weeks we have all made our own individual trees using plasticine.
Some look like normal trees and others look like the trees you might see in one of Dr. Seuss’ books, such as ‘The Lorax’!
We then worked together to design imaginative environments for these trees to live in.
We used glitter, feathers, buttons, sequins, colouring pencils and lots more to help us bring our imaginations to life.

It was so interesting to see that every environment looked different. It helped us to understand that not everybody thinks or sees the same thing. Our different approaches to thinking and designing helped us to create exciting and imaginary environments that we might not have been able to make on our own.

Each week our creative projects are a surprise. We wonder what will happen next week!?

Meet our SRC reps!

IMG_20140305_095831         IMG_20140305_095816

This week we had a vote to nominate two students for our SRC.
SRC stands for ‘Student Representative Council’.
They will represent our home room and give our students a voice within the school.
We have voted in our class rep and deputy.


Hello and welcome!

We hope this blog gives you some insight into what happens in our Debney Meadows learning community on a day to day basis. We want to fill you in on all the learning that we do, celebrate our achievements and share any exciting news or events.

Our home room is part of the 3-6 learning community. This means that you will probably get to see and read about lots of learning that involves our entire 3-6 cohort.
We share all of our learning spaces and work together with our three teachers; Maxine, Lucas and Jason.

We hope you enjoy following our learning journey throughout the year.

From all the students and Maxine in 4/5M.